Of Cell Phones and Malongs

Seeing God In The Ordinary – Part 5 Seeing God In Cell Phones and Malongs Something I’m rather sure each of us has on our person at almost all times is a cell phone. I’d never really used a cell phone much until we moved to the Philippines, which is known as the texting capitalContinue reading “Of Cell Phones and Malongs”

Of Candles, Moth Balls, and Soap

Seeing God In The Ordinary – Part 4 First off let me apologize for the length of silence on my blog. I started back to work and time and energy have been lacking for working on writing. But I have not forgotten the series I started on finding God in the ordinary….so here is partContinue reading “Of Candles, Moth Balls, and Soap”

Of Water Bottles and Sweat Rags

Seeing God In The Ordinary – Part 3 An essential item while living in the Philippines was to have a water bottle with me at all times. The heat was intensive. And being dehydrated can make you feel sick, cause heart racing, dizziness, kidney failure.  I still carry a water bottle with me almost everyContinue reading “Of Water Bottles and Sweat Rags”