Of Bracelets and Rocks

Seeing God In The Ordinary – Part 6 Bracelets like the ones the woman is selling are made in local villages from the grasses growing. To me, these are visual reminders to be grateful for what I have. There is always good to be seen no matter what the situation is being faced. For manyContinue reading “Of Bracelets and Rocks”

Seeing God In The Ordinary – part 2

Umbrellas Seeing God in the Ordinary – Jesus taught us many parables using common items and experiences to teach us His timeless truths. Umbrellas can remind us He is our covering. In the Philippines it was normal to carry an umbrella with you all days due to the intensity of the sun and the rainsContinue reading “Seeing God In The Ordinary – part 2”


Our daughter has a wedding planned for June 13 but because of the covid-19 pandemic growing exponentially, what has been being planned is changing. Anyone who’s ever been engaged knows there are dreams and hopes for a special wedding day. We’ve been making plans, but life throws curve balls. It can still be a specialContinue reading “SUFFERING & UNKNOWN”