I miss the bahala na attitude of the Philippines. While some could construe this as a fatalistic, pessimistic mindset, it’s real meaning is a resting trust in God’s providential leading and ordaining of circumstances. While living in the Philippines I witnessed many Filipino friends live out Jesus’ mandate to let today’s own troubles be sufficientContinue reading “BAHALA NA”


Our daughter has a wedding planned for June 13 but because of the covid-19 pandemic growing exponentially, what has been being planned is changing. Anyone who’s ever been engaged knows there are dreams and hopes for a special wedding day. We’ve been making plans, but life throws curve balls. It can still be a specialContinue reading “SUFFERING & UNKNOWN”


Moving half way around the world from first-world-middle-class-America to third-world-Philippines certainly created uncertainty, wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into, an excitement mixed with trepidation at the fascinating strangeness of the culture, weather, habits, ways that we were not versed in but willing to learn about. Staying FAT helped with that transition – FAT meaning Flexible,Continue reading “UNCERTAINTY”