It’s Not Complicated, Just Hard

Faith works by working faith (James 2:17). I mean, a soldier going into battle picks up his or her sword or gun and uses it to fight the enemy. Yes, he or she gets exhausted. Yes, he or she feels discouraged. Yes, he or she tires and thirsts, but he or she keeps fighting onContinue reading “It’s Not Complicated, Just Hard”


I’ve been trying to sort my thoughts over all that is going on in the world, and specifically in the USA – the lack of leadership from the presidential office, the divisiveness and racism he exudes, the wrongful murder of George Floyd by a white police man, the pandemic, economic uncertainty, killer hornets, locusts invasionsContinue reading “REST”


I miss the bahala na attitude of the Philippines. While some could construe this as a fatalistic, pessimistic mindset, it’s real meaning is a resting trust in God’s providential leading and ordaining of circumstances. While living in the Philippines I witnessed many Filipino friends live out Jesus’ mandate to let today’s own troubles be sufficientContinue reading “BAHALA NA”


In this time of social distancing, shelter-in-place, covid-19 pandemic, my thoughts go to wanting to make sure you, my children, know a few things from my momma-heart. You each have been the inspiration for me starting this blog. None of us know the number of our days, only God does (Psalm 90:12). So this isContinue reading “An OPEN LETTER TO MY CHILDREN”