Covid Reactions

April 10th I received my second covid vaccine. Within minutes I was feeling a bit dizzy, blurry eyed and tired. I came home and slept an hour or so, took tylenol, and had no energy for the rest of the day.

During the night my left arm that had received the vaccine became extremely painful and I had a severe headache. I took more tylenol.

Today, April 11, my 61st birthday, my arm aches, I feel headachy, and like I have the flu. But, I am thankful to have the vaccine and I know this will pass in a day or so.

Like most others, I have ‘covid-fatigue’ and am ready to start going out and about more, visit friends and family, spend more time out doors now that spring is here, try to ‘get back to normal’, though I think we are all looking at a new normal.

What about you? Have you gotten the vaccine? What reactions did you have?

I really hadn’t planned on getting it because it’s been created so quickly but after my heart issues of late December and three doctors plus others telling me I should get it, I decided to do so. Other than the day or two or three of not feeling great, hopefully it’s worth it. I’m ready to go visit my sisters on the East coast and in Texas.

Stay healthy and seek Him first in all your ways!


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I'm a mom. Our family lived overseas for 11 1/2 years. The mission field was rich with healing and deepening faith in Christ. I enjoy piano playing, cooking, writing, reading, doing projects. I've been married to my husband since 1990. I have a bachelor degree in social work and a masters in counseling, non-licensure. I've taught creative writing, English, and New Testament at the international school my kids attended while living overseas.

2 thoughts on “Covid Reactions

  1. I got the Moderna vaccine and felt very tired the day after both shots. Sorry for your reactions. Some friends got an itchy arm which was relieved with benedryl. Brian got the J&J shot and had no reaction. Marcus gets the same one tomorrow. Eva will start the Pfizer routine next week. So we are basically a case study. Ha!!! It’s been an experience for sure but am grateful to be on this side of everything. When I gave blood in Jan they tested my blood twice and (6 weeks later) told me I must have had an asymptomatic case of Covid. No surprise with my exposure working at school and our teens contacts (but we are still doing our best to be careful not to increase the spread) Thankful every day for the Lord’s provision and guidance.

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  2. Hi Betsy, Kurt got his first Moderna two weeks ago and other than being tired that first day had no other problems. Kirsten is getting the Johnson and Johnson one shot today. Ben has signed up but doesn’t have an appointment yet. I, too, am thankful for God’s provision and guidance. Thankful for you and your friendship! Stay well!!!


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